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06 August 2011 @ 02:55 pm
I've officially made the switch over to Naver.
I haven't posted any of my old stuff, but I do have 2 new things there that you can go and check out.
This blog won't be updated anymore. >_<;;
Please head on over to
♪*내가 제일 잘나가*♪

30 July 2011 @ 03:55 pm
This is kinda just a "I really need some help post".
But...does anyone know any good Hair Retexture Tutorials?
Like if you simply want to edit a hair by putting in different textures? Like Janita's?
I'd love to do some simple recolors, but I have no idea how to do it.
Please let me know if you know anywhere that I can find one. >.<
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17 July 2011 @ 02:10 pm
I finally got a Naver acc, so if there are any people from SWL that have one, feel free to add me! ;3
I only have a simply post about updating so far, but I'll make sure to update it often.
Once I get the hang of it, it ma become a main blog, so beware!
For now keep checking back here as well. :33 <3
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16 July 2011 @ 04:32 pm
  • Sims stuff is coming along, slowly, but it's still there.
  • Sims 2 is still working. No crashes yet.
  • Some stuff will be uploaded soon.
  • School starts on August 10th
  • I now have to put off learning Korean and Chinese to finish learning Japanese. Why? SEE EPIC FAIL.
  • Bodyshop is being a douche.
Epic Fail:
I've just learned that the NA branch of Tokyopop has shut down publishing. A lot of you are probably saying "Eh? Who cares?", WELL I DO. Tokyopop publishes the ONE series that I love to death, Loveless. Vol 10 is out in Jap, and now it seems that no NA publisher will take the series. This means I now have to finish learning Japanese, import, and translate it. I will not give up on the series, as it is the only one that I still like. Manga and anime has become such a nuisance in my life, to the point where I hate it. But Loveless is special to me. It's something that I shared with someone very close to me, who is now gone. It still holds sentimental value. I know it seems stupid to care so much about a book...but I do. 
I hope that maybe Viz will take the series, but it seems highly unlikely. I also will NOT buy the UK version, because I'm told the translation is CRAP. So now I'm depressed. FML. Bye.
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04 July 2011 @ 07:32 pm
I just realized that in a earlier post I wrote Clam Sora instead of Calm Sora. xDD
The character's name is supposed to be Calm. xDD
I've wanted a shiny Whimsicott forever. And the good news is...
With like THE BEST nature. :33
Thank you Japanese Cottonee. xDD
Also, because for some odd reason I've been focused on Pokemon, I haven't been working on the Sims. Dx
I'll get back to it after the 4th.
I still have a lot to do, and about 5 weeks of vacation left.
I got to finish this present! D:<
So basically, I won't be active for a bit.
But please keep checking back.
Also, why do I attract so many Russians to my blog????
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27 June 2011 @ 09:38 pm
Decided to do a little tease. xD
This is Prince and Gong-gil.
Initially they were supposed to be part of a set called When It Rains, but now I've fallen too much in love with them and idk if I want to share them anymore. T^T
I don't like sharing my sacred OC's. D:
I may end up not sharing them, but share the house instead. The house was built on a 1x1 lot, so it's super tiny.
The bathroom is so small that the bathtub is actually upstairs in front of the bed. xDD
It makes bathing really hard. xD And shooting that third photo too. D:
I finally edited my userstartupcheat to have stretch skeleton, so I think Gong-gil was at 10 and Prince was at 3.
Plus Prince kept connecting to the front of the tub, so I had to use a purple OMSP (standard-shiftable) to place him that close. D:< I officially hate that bathtub.
Anyway! Onto the pictures! <3

<---This image might get removed from Photobucket btw. Dx
Also, Gong-gil is the only one naked. xD Prince is in his panties. x33
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25 June 2011 @ 02:37 pm
**Also posted at vividhikari.livejournal.com and SWL.**

A preview of two of the Color Sims, Discord and Winter. :3
Their house is the first done, and I may upload them soon. ;D
Enjoy! ;33

18 June 2011 @ 03:29 pm
I fixed my Sims 2~! <3333
I'm so happy I finally found the file.
It was a package in the "Unknown: category of Clean Installer. Something I didn't even know existed. xDD
So in my happiness, I trolled around SimsCave and went on a downloading escapade. :3
I got a bunch of new stuff.
Unfortunately because of how long it took me to fix the game, I'm going to push off the present until...idk. :/
Before August 10th though! I promise to get it out before school starts. (My senior year! W00T!) X3
ANYHOW. I have a question to anyone out there who has a blog.naver account or a blog.daum.net account.
You see, I really want one, but because I can't speak Korean and all the register pages are protected (preventing google from translating them), I absolutely have no idea how to make an acc. D: FML.
If anyone can help, I'll be super happy! Thanks in advance to anyone who can help! ;3
Also, if there are any hair meshers out there that would be willing to make a completely custom hair (or two) for me, I would be ever so happy if you could make something. >w>
Something for some OC Sims I want to make. I'll post up some art at my DA and post a link for you guys.
With the announcement of some new OC's, I've decided to split up my present into a few sections.
There's the main present, the color Sims, and now two smaller sections, Cutie Panic! and When It Rains.
Cutie Panic! includes 3 models and a designer (it's a fashion based set), plus the Cutie Panic! Shop and Studio, and the model's houses. The included characters are:
Chocolate Disco (Designer)
Vanilla (Model)
Gelato (Model)
Honeydew (Model)
(Yes, they are all named after food. =_= I was eating brownies when I came up with the idea)
The second set, When It Rains, is a complete new set, with 5~7 Sims. Not all of them are final ideas. Set will include:
Kvass + Kinglet <--- Kinglet is a small demon Kvass created. Will be a new mesh accessory if I can make it.
Gong-gil (based off a character from a Korean movie I saw on MNet. Idk what the movie was called)
Love & Loveless <--- twins. Based off of Umbreon an Espeon.
That's it atm.
I'm gonna go test my Sims 2 and keep working.
I'll post preview pics here, at the VividHikari LJ and @SWL.
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10 June 2011 @ 10:42 pm
It's finally happened.
Upon weeks of trying to fix the Sims 2, while playing Harvest Moon and having a creative overflow, I have resorted to a few last ditch efforts.
The first is to disable all custom content, and enable objects and recolors 20 packages at a time, and then restart the Sims.
So far, it's working, but very time consuming.
With 17, 655 packages all together in my downloads folder, I have a lot to do.
The second option is to remove all my clothing, makeup, hairs, etc., from my downloads folder, and delete all the objects and start from scratch.
Here's the problem with that.
A lot of my things come from houses that I get off of Thai and Korean sites.
Most of them are extremely hard to get back, without spending hours with Clean Installer trying to find the files that I want.
So in other words, my creator present might not get here until July or August. Hopefully before August 10th, when I go back to school.
It's my senior year, so idk how much longer I'll continue with the sims.
But the good news is that I'm trying to fix things as soon as possible and as fast as possible.
I really want to finish everything for you guys.
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14 May 2011 @ 08:59 pm
My Sims 2 is having severe problems ATM.
For no reason, the game keeps crashing when I go to the second page of my Decorative--->Misc. category in the buy catalog.
I've tried everything, and the only time it works is when I have CC disabled.
I've deleted all my hacks and tried reloading it w/o Inteenimater, but it didn't help, so I put it back.
I can't live without that hack. D: Most of my sims depend on it.
So basically...idk if the creator anniversary present will be out in time.
I keep adding onto it anyway. I have three new ones to make, Poison, Acid, and Majesty.
I keep thinking of cool names. xDD
So anyway, until my bro comes home after finals week, I'll have him locate the file.
BTW, I already used the content manager to disable all of my stuff. Three hours of my life I won't get back. DDx
Until then, I'm off to the Sims 3, which I haven't touched really since I got Ambitions around Christmas last year.
I have a lot of stuff to download, and I'm hoping to stick with that game till the Sims 2 is fixed.
I might post some screenshots of some things, but I don't know how to package or upload the files atm.
I'm not a big Sims 3 user. DD:
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