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10 June 2011 @ 10:42 pm
My Worst Nightmare.  
It's finally happened.
Upon weeks of trying to fix the Sims 2, while playing Harvest Moon and having a creative overflow, I have resorted to a few last ditch efforts.
The first is to disable all custom content, and enable objects and recolors 20 packages at a time, and then restart the Sims.
So far, it's working, but very time consuming.
With 17, 655 packages all together in my downloads folder, I have a lot to do.
The second option is to remove all my clothing, makeup, hairs, etc., from my downloads folder, and delete all the objects and start from scratch.
Here's the problem with that.
A lot of my things come from houses that I get off of Thai and Korean sites.
Most of them are extremely hard to get back, without spending hours with Clean Installer trying to find the files that I want.
So in other words, my creator present might not get here until July or August. Hopefully before August 10th, when I go back to school.
It's my senior year, so idk how much longer I'll continue with the sims.
But the good news is that I'm trying to fix things as soon as possible and as fast as possible.
I really want to finish everything for you guys.
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