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18 June 2011 @ 03:29 pm
FIXED! :333  
I fixed my Sims 2~! <3333
I'm so happy I finally found the file.
It was a package in the "Unknown: category of Clean Installer. Something I didn't even know existed. xDD
So in my happiness, I trolled around SimsCave and went on a downloading escapade. :3
I got a bunch of new stuff.
Unfortunately because of how long it took me to fix the game, I'm going to push off the present until...idk. :/
Before August 10th though! I promise to get it out before school starts. (My senior year! W00T!) X3
ANYHOW. I have a question to anyone out there who has a blog.naver account or a blog.daum.net account.
You see, I really want one, but because I can't speak Korean and all the register pages are protected (preventing google from translating them), I absolutely have no idea how to make an acc. D: FML.
If anyone can help, I'll be super happy! Thanks in advance to anyone who can help! ;3
Also, if there are any hair meshers out there that would be willing to make a completely custom hair (or two) for me, I would be ever so happy if you could make something. >w>
Something for some OC Sims I want to make. I'll post up some art at my DA and post a link for you guys.
With the announcement of some new OC's, I've decided to split up my present into a few sections.
There's the main present, the color Sims, and now two smaller sections, Cutie Panic! and When It Rains.
Cutie Panic! includes 3 models and a designer (it's a fashion based set), plus the Cutie Panic! Shop and Studio, and the model's houses. The included characters are:
Chocolate Disco (Designer)
Vanilla (Model)
Gelato (Model)
Honeydew (Model)
(Yes, they are all named after food. =_= I was eating brownies when I came up with the idea)
The second set, When It Rains, is a complete new set, with 5~7 Sims. Not all of them are final ideas. Set will include:
Kvass + Kinglet <--- Kinglet is a small demon Kvass created. Will be a new mesh accessory if I can make it.
Gong-gil (based off a character from a Korean movie I saw on MNet. Idk what the movie was called)
Love & Loveless <--- twins. Based off of Umbreon an Espeon.
That's it atm.
I'm gonna go test my Sims 2 and keep working.
I'll post preview pics here, at the VividHikari LJ and @SWL.
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ritsukacomritsukacom on June 21st, 2011 12:37 pm (UTC)
I have a naver account, it's pretty straightforward to sign-up for it. If you have a cellphone you can use it to receive your account activation code rather than through a phone call.

You can follow this tutorial for further instructions: http://wassereis.livejournal.com/15565.html

The registration menu has slightly changed since that tutorial was posted but it's still more or less the same :)
AmuletKittenamuletkitten on June 24th, 2011 03:38 am (UTC)
Ah! Thanks so much! :33 <3