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27 June 2011 @ 09:38 pm
Teehee! ;3  
Decided to do a little tease. xD
This is Prince and Gong-gil.
Initially they were supposed to be part of a set called When It Rains, but now I've fallen too much in love with them and idk if I want to share them anymore. T^T
I don't like sharing my sacred OC's. D:
I may end up not sharing them, but share the house instead. The house was built on a 1x1 lot, so it's super tiny.
The bathroom is so small that the bathtub is actually upstairs in front of the bed. xDD
It makes bathing really hard. xD And shooting that third photo too. D:
I finally edited my userstartupcheat to have stretch skeleton, so I think Gong-gil was at 10 and Prince was at 3.
Plus Prince kept connecting to the front of the tub, so I had to use a purple OMSP (standard-shiftable) to place him that close. D:< I officially hate that bathtub.
Anyway! Onto the pictures! <3

<---This image might get removed from Photobucket btw. Dx
Also, Gong-gil is the only one naked. xD Prince is in his panties. x33
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