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30 March 2011 @ 08:54 pm
Well, I have a lot going on right now, but I have some upcoming sims that will be posted hopefully by the end of my week off from school. :3
I have 4 new sims, Takeru, Rem, Elite, and Star. I also have Takeru and Rem's loft, and possibly Elite and Star's house.
Also in the works are Ciel and Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji: Black Butler. Ciel comes in three ages, the traditional child, teen (for all you Inteenminaors [Is that spelled right? xDD]), and Adult for those who don't. I'm also working on the Phatomhive Manor, along with finishing up Jin and Kaoru and Hilltop Manor.
My Sims has been freaking out because of the amount of downloads I have, 21,096 downloads AFTER I went trough all of them yesterday.
Starting up Bodyshop now to eliminate some more. xD
I'll let you know what the final count is. Currently @ 19,816. Still more to go. D: Now at 19,311
The good news is, I made my friend's OC as a sim as kind of a commission. His name is Coco, and I hope to get shots today or by the end of my week off.
Also, I've decided to release the names of my creator gifts. :33 There's a lot, so bare with me here. xDD
There is:
Vivid Hikari (Vivid Light)
Clam Sora (Clam Sky)
Cute & Sweet Kyandi (Cute and Sweet Candy)
Rose Me (Rose Bud)
Flare & Blaze Kyodo (Flare and Blaze Intensity)
Aoi Mizu-Sui (Aoi [Blue] Water)
Midori Soso (Midori [Green] Grass)
Discord Ongaku (Discord Music) [NEW]
Chai Maxx (Chai Maxx [No play on words there. Momoiro Clover sond title]) [NEW]
Prism Kagayaku (Prism Shining)
Aqua Kiho (Aqua Bubbles)
Caramel Sande (Caramel Sundae)
Chocolate Disco Fasshon (Chocolate Disco Fashion)
Grey Kenken (Grey Sword)
Hikari & Raito Yume (Hikari [Light] and Raito [Light] Dream)
Winter Yuki (Winter Snow) [NEW]
Lilac and Periwinkle (No last names yet) [NEW]
Tide [NEW]

Side Projects:
Elite and Star
Love and Loveless [Based on Umbreon and Espeon]
Sebastian and Grell (NOT FROM BLACK BUTLER. BUT THE NAMES ARE.)[Based on Umbreon and Espeon]
Wizard (Gale) [From Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. Sims 2 Version]

That's all for now. Confusing, I know. xDD
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04 March 2011 @ 10:44 pm
Created a new LJ based off of a new OC named Vivid Hikari. (Vivid Light)
He's kinda my obsession ATM, and I draw him all over my schoolwork.
Even in my notebook for AP US History, which is a big no no in my teacher's eyes.
But hey, when you're listening to an old guy ramble on about the Transcontinental Railroads, how can you not draw? xD
He'll be posted later in June or July.
For right now, Bodyshop is giving me a crap load of error messages and problems, and I'm finding that the only way to get rid of them is to uninstall my entire Sims 2 collection.
It's taken me almost an hour to reinstall the base game and Seasons.
This is not going well.
Also, I accidentally deleted my Paintings folder, which held all my references for my drawings and designs.
So, I had to restore that.
Thank God Windows 7 can do that. xD
I was srsly about to cry.
But anyway.
Head on over to the one post on my new LJ!

P.S. Vivid's name comes from the JRock band ViViD, which I was listening to when I got the idea for him. I had to name him after the inspiration. It's a cool name too. xDD
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23 January 2011 @ 12:30 pm
Some pictures that I forgot to post with Supernova Boys. One is of Atsu's transformation into GD, and the others are pair shots of Mi Khun and Jung Ho.

♥♥Amulet Presents♥♥

Supernova Boys + House

Mi Khun
Jung Ho

First off, I'd like to say thanks to Yuxi. :3 She's such an amazing creator, and without her, this house wouldn't look nearly as good. I used her wall murals to give each room a theme and a color scheme. The Living/Dining area is...well...I forget. I think Rush Hour. Idk. xD The studio is Gritty City, the first Bathroom is Edge of Nowhere, the room at the top of the stairs (Relax room) is...the forest one, Mi Khun and Jung Ho's bedroom is Paradise, Hattori, Jin, and Atsu's bedroom is Close to Home, and the upstairs bath is Rush Hour. Without these lovely murals, I swear this house would suck. D: Also, thanks to all creators in advance, seeing as how I can't remember all the names.

Now then. Supernova is a group of male K-Pop singers, and they all share a house. Mi Khun and Jung Ho already have a relationship, so if you like the pairing, you really have no work to do except keep them happy. :'D Atsu and Jin are brothers, and Hattori's the one that has the name of the family. They're called the Otomiya family, they were all put in Hattori's tiny apartment then moved. xD These are how they look for the project RELOADED. I only have pictures of Mi Khun and Jung Ho from before, and they can be found in an earlier post. Without further ado, I bring you SUPERNOVA BOYS! ♥♥

♥Mi Khun (
군산) [Korean]♥

Credits: Ripplesims, Pang, Peggy, Sizz, Ren, Ga-Lazy, Janita

♥Jung Ho (

Credits: Janita, MTS, Rose, Ga-Laxy, Tifa, Ariella, Leventine

♥Jin (

Credits: GoS, July 77, Janita, Tifa, Ga-Laxy, Anva, Ariella

♥Hattori (服部) [Japanese]♥

Credits: Yuxi, MTS, Peggy, Ariella, Tifa, Ga-Laxy, Janita, MayPink

♥Atsu (

Credits: Anto, Sizz, Korean Creator, Tifa, Ariella, Anva, Ga-Lazy, Leventine, Pang
Note: Atsu is currently undergoing a transformation into GD (G-Dragon) for a solo performance of GD's song Breathe. He's also going to get a custom set, posebox, and animation box. I decided to use him because of his resemblance to GD, and how I became so obsessed with how cute Atsu is. :33

Due to the file size of the house, I had to use a different website than usual. D:


Side Note:
Some upcoming projects and uploads. Caramel is almost finished, finishing and decorating her house today. Also, I'm going to be making a new male solo sim named Joong Ki Song, based off of a Korean actor. :D

Joong Ki Song :3 (Jung Ki Song)

And this guy, Lee Jun Ki, who I found while looking for a picture of Joong Ki Song. xD

Lee Jun Ki. ♥

Pretty Boys, no?
17 January 2011 @ 03:38 pm
Lol. xD Such a random title.
Just a little picspaming today.
It's Supernova Boys. Still need shots of the house, which I'm doing today.
Then some shots of a new sim Caramel.
And her house...which is yet to be made. D:
Anyway. Here's a quick shot of Supernova Boys. :3

15 January 2011 @ 05:14 pm

Heehee. <3 I wanna make a Sim of him. *drools* Check out his video for Breathe here. Probably my favorite song by him. :3
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02 January 2011 @ 03:06 pm
Hello everyone. Today I bring you some AMAZING screenshots taken for new years. Also, these are the first screenshots for RELAODED, Supernova Girls & Starlite. Starlite has never been seen before, so I suppose there's no need to RELOAD them, but I did it anyway. xD So Starlite includes: Aya(who had a picspam in my last post), Aria, and Luna. I realized there should've been one more girl, Raine, but I didn't have room for her. She'll show up a little later once Starlite has their own house. :)

♥New Years 2011♥

RELOADED-First Project-









Janita, Amily, Maynarakmak, Peggy, XM Sims, Rose, Tio_r, -Sizz-, Ulk, GoS Creators, 8k Sims, Zenki(?)[Rabbit Ear Acc], Adele, Areilla, Anto, Pang, Aungsumarlin, B-Fly Sims, Peggy G Shop, DSB, Raon. I think that's everyone. If not, sorry! Dx

Downloads will be available for the Reloaded Supernova Loft along with the girls, and Stalite will also be available soon. :)
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28 December 2010 @ 07:44 pm
Right now only screenshots of him and his house. I need to find out how to package Sims 3 files. This is my first Sims 3 upload, so my menus and layout is going to be changing the next few days.

Does anyone know where to get poseboxes for the Sims 3? :o I'd like to get some. It's so hard to take pictures otherwise. DDDDD:

Game Version:

Sim Version:

House (I tried to base it off the game, except with modern amenities. His house is mostly a studio, with a main living area that has everything, and an observatory. It's quite big actually compared to the game version.) :

Again, once I package him, I'll post a download link. ♥
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27 December 2010 @ 04:38 pm
(Crosspost from DA with edits.)

My current W.I.P's. All are characters from Harvest Moon: Animal Parade and Harvest Moon DS: Grand Bazaar. Currently, Wizard is completed, I need to tweak his house a bit, but he's a "pudding" in the words of Yuxi. And I also created a Sims 3 version of Tiffany from Supernova Girls, seeing as how Tiffany is one of my favorites other than Ako. xDD Also included in this post is a picspam of both Aya and Jin, (Aya's house is still in the works, and Jin still needs Kaoru in his lot before I can upload Hilltop Manor with the wonderful desolate Victorian charm only Yuxi can bring with walls and floors. :D ) But anyway.

  • Wizard (Gale) [His name in game is Gale Wizard, Gale first name, Wizard last name] :

  • Julius:
  • Lloyd:
  • Ivan:
  • Jin:
  • Chase:
  • Gill:
  • ToT Heroine:

  • AP Heroine:
  • AP Hero:


Bunny Girl Aya. Many thanks to Rose for the clothes, and Janita for her wonderful posebox. ♥

This is NOT Jin from Harvest Moon. He's a vampire sim that was created for a RP with my friend Fado.

Many thanks to Yuxi and Adele for their creations. Without them, Jin's house would not exist. ♥♥
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26 December 2010 @ 01:36 pm
All my pictures of Jung Ho and Mi Khun. ( 호 and 군산 in Korean) I don't know if they'll ever be posted for download, I've been debating since I made them. I may include their loft since I spent so much time creating it. On a side note, they are part of Supernova Boys as well, with Mi Khun being the only teen sim in the group. 

Both boys as BJD's. This is the ONLY pair shot ATM, I plan on taking some more today.

Doll shots of Mi Khun. A few problems with the poseboxes. Not really made for teen sims. xDD

Normal shots of Mi Khun. :3

Jung Ho screenshots. (Doll then normal)